frequently asked questions (faqS)


May I be a Sunday School member, choir member, etc., and not a church member?

 Absolutely!  Joining the church is a way of saying, "I want to officially be a part of this family of believers, committing  myself to minister and worship with them regularly." Church membership is not as important as your personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Are there different ways to join Central Baptist Church (CBC)?


  1. By professing your faith in Jesus Christ.
  2. By transferring your membership from another church.
  3. By your statement of faith in Christ and baptism by immersion.
  4. By statement from another denomination that does not practice immersion.  This is a statement of faith in Christ, and a willingness to be baptized by immersion.

When do I join?

  1. At the close of worship service, the Pastor is at the front to discuss your decision.
  2. Make an appointment to meet with the Pastor and discuss your decision.

Where do I go?

We have included a campus map for your convenience.  It outlines Sunday School rooms as well as other ministries.  As always, please feel free to call the church office with any questions you may have.  We know it's a big campus and want to do all we can to help you.

Campus Map